Episode 260 Aligning Your Voice with Your Message with Jenn Lederer

260 Aligning Your Voice with Your Message – Jenn Lederer

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260 Aligning Your Voice with Your Message – Jenn Lederer


As a speaker, it is easy to try and fit yourself into what you believe others want from you. Today’s guest shares her powerful story of embracing her true voice, stepping into comedy, and learning to create her own stage.

Jenn Lederer is the Motivational Comedian & Founder at Jenn Lederer Productions [JLP]. Jenn’s signature brand of motivational comedy harnesses the power of laughter to help her audience laugh their way to a breakthrough. JLP works with entrepreneurs to strategize, optimize, and repurpose their Podcasts, YouTube channels, FB Lives, blogs and more. Jenn’s work has been featured by Forbes, Huffington Post, YALE, Google Headquarters, Inspiring Lives Magazine & comedy clubs around NYC.

We’ll explore: 

  • When Jenn realized she had to start using her voice.
  • The power of using your voice for yourself and others at the risk of criticism or failure.
  • The responsibility we have in using our voice.
  • Why you should not take a stage needing to be “saved” by the audience.
  • Jenn’s process for being “uniquely herself” when walking into a room.
  • Jenn’s secret for networking as an introvert.
  • How Jenn became involved in comedy, and why all comedy that is done well is motivational comedy.

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