266 Don’t Have a Plan B – Monica Yates

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Message, Voice, Speaking, Femininity, Masculinity

266 Don’t Have a Plan B – Monica Yates


The more you speak about what you want, and the more you speak with conviction, you can make your dreams a reality and impact lives. Today’s guest will inspire you with her energy and remind you to chase your authentic voice with passion.

Monica is your period and human brain expert. For women, she has a strong focus on the subconscious brain, feminine, and the impact it has on your body. She works with science, energy and the body to help you uncover all the answers for yourself (because you are born with all the answers) so that you can step into your feminine energy and let go of your masculine armor. For men, she has a focus on healing mummy and daddy wounds, getting out of your ego, backing yourself and understanding women. Monica’s coaching is next-level deep work. 

We’ll explore: 

  • When Monica realized she needed to use her voice to serve others.
  • Why she decided to talk about the feminine and masculine as part of her platform, and how this helps men as well as women.
  • How Monica cultivates clarity in her message and voice.
  • The importance of messaging, particularly on Instagram.
  • How to find your voice and not be afraid of what people will think.
  • Using your voice to support yourself.

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