301 A Top Motivational Speaker Directs Their Voice for Change—Bryn Drescher

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Everyone has a voice to use and a story to share. We are naturally ready to connect with others. Each conversation we enter can grow our skill of expressing ourselves and helping the world to become a better place. 

So how do you build up your voice with greater power and effect change in the world? 

One aspect of Bryn Dresher’s growing voice is getting others to use their voices for peace and justice. Change begins when we start to share what we believe and how we feel. Bryn is a skilled conversation guide helping people honestly navigate ideas and feelings towards truth and peace.  

Bryn Drescher is an Expert in Transformational Speaking and Facilitation. She has been using her unique brand of electric energy, humor, and insight to empower audiences and individuals moving them toward their dreams and goals—despite the obstacles in their path. Bryn’s keynote engagements include the CAN symposium, Legacy Summit Trainer for Region 6 and Inbound16, HubSpot’s annual marketing conference in Boston. 


We’ll Explore 

  • How story and voice are powerful tools for facilitation and speaking. 
  • Using story to speak from a place of compassion. 
  • Three special qualities of the Big Talk Academy Community. 
  • The global and personal responsibility of speakers and communicators during COVID-19 and racial conflict. 
  • Amplifying the power of your voice is an ongoing and learned skill resulting in change for the audience and speaker. 
  • How a speaker elevates performance by confronting self. 
  • Growing your business and mission by connecting to the heart of your target audience. 
  • Discovering deeper creativity and contribution to the world through the Big Talk Academy. 






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