300 Public Speakers Need More ‘You’ in Point of View – Cheryl Liew

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Putting yourself forward and sharing deeply from within can be hard, daunting, and simply scary. None of us like to be rejected. However, for those speakers, community members, and friends who take the plunge into revealing themselves, the entire world benefits and grows with them. 

Wouldn’t be great if there was a process, a proven path, for sharing who you are through your unique point of view that minimized the risk of feeling rejected? 

Our guest today is Cheryl Liew. As a student of The Big Talk Academy, she has learned to strengthen her unique point of view.  Cheryl shares with Tricia how writing, focusing on story, and getting deeply involved in community are growing her personal and professional life.  

Cheryl Liew is Mom to three boys and a Certified High-Performance Coach, guiding business leaders and entrepreneurs to excel without compromising the lifestyle they desire. As a Strategic Advisor to C-Suite Leaders, she guides them on building contemporary organizations through the lens of inclusion and high performance. 


We’ll Explore: 

  • The truth in sharing some our own story connects deeply with an audience.  
  • How serving a community by focusing on conversations, being your authentic self, and encouraging others to do the same from the power of self.  
  • Three unique and rare benefits Cheryl has found in the Big Talk Academy Community. 
  • Practical steps for to engage the global community in a positive way. 
  • Trusting the creative process to align and engage our business processes for legacy impact. 
  • Writing process is revealing deeper parts of self and intense writing session by writing a script. Cheryl is finding it easier to put herself out there more and share her point of view. 
  • You have a very special and unique experience with an idea. When you bring you into a specific idea, you are able to share a powerful point of view. 
  • Chery’s biggest takeaway from Big Talk Academy training, tools, and community. 



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