302 A Great Public Speakers Shares Their Inner Voice—Gayle Damiano

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Intuition, Clarity, Story, Community, Creativity 


Growing and listening to our inner voice, our intuition, will change our lives. Our intuition is our own deep desire and guide for leaving a singular impression on the world. Actively using our intuition naturally moves us to mental, physical, and emotional healing. 

Releasing intuitive power occurs when our physical voice shares lessons and wisdom from our inner voice. Gayle Damiano delved deep into her inner voice resulting in more clarity and taking more action on things she knew to be true. She is magnifying her voice and helping others do the same with skills honed at the Big Talk Academy.  

Gayle uses her gifts as a motivational speaker, high-performance coach, energy healer and intuitive to support her clients in accessing their highest potential in their personal and professional lives. 


We’ll Explore 

  • How intuitive tools can reveal true self, true mission, and propels one forward.  
  • The Big Talk Academy process creating tension and how we become open to new ideas and threads of awareness. 
  • The vital importance of being in community where we are safe to experiment and create. 
  • How life improves by asking for help and becomes simple with focus. 
  • Seeing the Big Picture more clearly with our inner voice. 





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