305 Use Your Speaking Skills to Inspire the World-Lynelle Suan

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We can choose how we move forward in life or remain among currents of other people’s expectations. Stepping out of the current and making our own path disrupts and brings growth. Our personal growth and movement can help people still caught in the currents of life. 

Wouldn’t be great if we learned that lesson early in life? 

Lynelle Suan took a big step out of ‘normal’ as a teenager and is charting an amazing course for her life and inspiring others to do the same. Moving from a place of searching and confusion, Lynelle shares a message of hope and growth with a growing global audience. 

Lynelle is an 18-year-old senior student who left traditional school after 10th grade to work on mastering her mind through personal development and self-education. She’s a young lady on a journey towards mastery in all areas of life, and her mission is to inspire people to be strong enough to live the life that they’ve always imagined. 


We’ll Explore 

  • Choosing personal development and investing in self. 
  • Finding courage and our story can come within ourselves from a point of struggle. 
  • Sharing stories in a community to keep connected and healthy. 
  • Leveraging clarity and purpose from The Big Talk Academy training in her business. 
  • The importance of cultivating relationships. 
  • How solid relationships and a clear process give courage to our voice. 


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