308 Use Motivational Speech to Instill Courage and Change—Ming Shelby

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Growth takes courage. 

Courage is an important ingredient to stir up change and growth in our lives and society. Courage also gives us the power to stick with the new life we are creating.  

Ming Shelby knows that courageous people are needed in every part of society to make lasting change. Ming is a Big Talk Academy Member, Big Talk Community Member, and TedX speaker with a bold call for big courage and big change. 

Ming is a National Board certified educator who has dedicated her career to inspiring students, teachers and administrators through positive learning experiences. She believes that courage is the critical ingredient for personal transformation. She is now building a community of courage beyond the classroom to support kids and adults. You can catch her sharing stories of Courage so people can learn to thrive not just survive on The Courage Up Podcast! 



We’ll Explore 

  • Diversity and inclusion grow from having conversations. 
  • Generous people who form a community open our ability to show up for them and yourself. 
  • Ming’s Biggest takeaway from the Big Talk Academy was learning, ‘Who I am and how I want to show up.’ 
  • The importance of knowing and trusting yourself and how that affects your Big Talk. 
  • Learning the craft of making a through line helps clarify communication. 
  • Great speakers write with specific intent. 
  • The Big Talk Academy allowed Ming to say, ‘I am a speaker and the right stage will find me.’ 


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