303 Intimacy: Finding Our Own Motivational Speech Together—Carol Haggerty Reardon and James Reardon

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Intimacy does not happen by accident. Investments are made by all parties when relationships are formed between individuals and communities. All speakers, no matter the size of the audience, hold the responsibility of encouraging healthy connection. 

Carol and Jim are a married couple writing their own Big Talks at The Big Talk Academy. Encouraging each other’s growth in the Process, Jim and Carol are exploring new truths and growing their Talk.  

Jim is a natural resources entrepreneur. He’s also a philosopher and devotes much of his time to a New York nonprofit leading workshops and serving on the board. He lives in Western Connecticut with his wife Carol and enjoys exercise, sports, the outdoors, and spending time on the Coast of Maine. 

Carol Haggerty Reardon, a media sales professional within the health vertical, is also a certified holistic health coach, under the name, RevitalizU. Passionate about self-growth and supporting others do the same, she is working on a book, Heal Your Own Body Pain. Carol is married and lives with her husband, Jim in CT.  


We’ll Explore 

  • Become self-aware through the journey of pain and into happiness. 
  • How the Big Talk Academy Process opens more avenues of conveying ideas to deeply connect with audience. 
  • Discovery of our unique message and its value in the world. 
  • Building intimacy through a shared and individual experience. 
  • Value of a being part of a community focused on service. 
  • How our Big Talk emerges when we move beyond the barriers of pain and fear to self-love and compassion. 
  • Healing our pain brings peace to self and is a gift to others.  




Carol Email:carol@revitalizU 


Jim Email:reardon111@gmail.com 



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