299 How A Public Speaker Grows with Trust in a Process and Community – Shuhada Alauddin

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Connection, Process, Story, Community, Creativity 


Storytelling and community are powerful forces of change for audiences and the speaker. Stories invite people to know you as a speaker and form a loose-knit community around your story, you, and your topic.  

Speakers can also be transformed when creating story and participating in community. 

Our guest is Shauna Alauddin, a Big Talk Academy student who is using her new writing habits to make a difference. She reveals how trusting the process of creating story and building community impacts her speaking, daily task list, and more. 

Shuhada is a Business Energy Coach and founder of MYRYL. She coaches insurance planners, wealth advisors, and network marketers transforming their business energy so they can expand their business and increase revenue. She’s also an international speaker who has spoken at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester, United Kingdom, the Tokyo Modest Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan, and other venues. Shuhada has been featured in numerous media outlets including Thrive Global, Huff PostBritish Muslim TVHalal Media JapanCosmopolitan Malaysiaand Marie Claire. 


We’ll explore: 

  • Shuhada’s experience with stories as a listener and speaker demonstrate the power of connection of shared experience. 
  • The discovery of an unexpected key Shuhada has found to unlock the feeling of being overwhelmed. 
  • How to moving from perfection to process can be sped up by immersing in another person’s process. 
  • When trust in a community and a process can bring more creativity and better perspective of ourselves. 
  • Speaking, writing, and other coaching tips from Tricia. 


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