307 How a Public Speaker Uncovers Their Story – Yasmina Hedhli

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What happens when you choose to step out of what you think others expect of you and begin to live within your own expectations? One result is certain—your identity begins to change.  

Yasmina Hedhli shifted her journey and identity and now helps others uncover their hopes, beliefs, and dreams. Yasmina found an unexpected Big Talk at through Big Talk Academy’s community and process. 

Yasmina is a transformational coach and speaker.  She built her career in the not-for-profit sector and in her 20s was leading teams, running departments, and managing a multi-million pound budget. Realising her life was all about work, lacking purpose, and boring she made some big changes— including traveling to all seven continents. Yasmina supports professionals to get more out of their work and personal lives by helping them define who they are, what they want, and instilling empowering beliefs. 


We’ll Explore 

  • Travel and new experiences enhance and speed up our growth. 
  • Vulnerability, the key to connection, emerges from sharing our struggles. Being vulnerable moves people to take action in their own lives.  
  • Community is a powerful growth space to receive support and give support.. 
  • Engaging deeply in the creative process reveals hidden gems within ourselves and a topic. 
  • Embracing the Big Talk Academy Process gave Yasmina tools for helping others find and use their voice in the world. 
  • Yasmina has uncovered her limitless possibilities and knowledge through the Big Talk Academy Process. 


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasminahedhli/ 



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