315 Start Telling Your Story Now: How to Become a Better Public Speaker-Jake Kelfer

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What holds you back from telling your story? 


For many of us our fear of failure results in a list of reasons (or excuses) which keep us on the sidelines of our own life. So how do we overcome fear and get our story our of us and into others? 


The only shortcut in life it to start now.” Those words from Jake Kelfer’s dad have stayed with him and center him on taking action on the ideas and stories the make his life. 


Jake drops in with Tricia Brouk and shares tips, stories, and ideas that help speakers move through the fear and into their own story. 


Jake Kelfer is a lifestyle entrepreneur, life elevator, and coach to ambitious entrepreneurs and freedom seekers. He is the bestselling author of Elevate Beyond and Elevate Your Network, a high-energy motivational speaker, and the founder of the Professional Basketball Combine which helps NBA draft prospects turn their dreams of playing pro basketball into their reality. He and his work have been featured on Forbes, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NBC Sports, USA Today, Bleacher Report and many other major media outlets. Connect with Jake on social @jakekelfer! 


We’ll Explore 

  • Framing success as working to the best of your ability and not comparing your success with others. 
  • Putting ourselves “out there” for others, business, society and more. 
  • Our Journey of the past and today color our tomorrows. Use “mini-stories” from moments in time throughout our life to create a journey we can share with others. 
  • How can you be vulnerable but not “raw?” Stay focused on the scars and not open wounds. 
  • Speakers raising their performance levels to audiences that communicate a high expectation. 
  • The importance of networking and making connections. “You are one connection away from taking the next step in your career.” 


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