313 Hey Public Speakers: Always Be Ready to Share Your Story-Jimmy Nelson

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Are you ready to share your story right now? What parts do you tell? Have you rehearsed them? What has worked in the past? 


Is it really important to always be ready? 


Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson and Tricia Brouk share a high-energy, high-valued conversation surrounding personal story, stages, preparation, and much more. 


Drop in with them and find new ways to combine your practice and passion into a unique story that is ready to be told to anyone at anytime.  


Jimmy Hays Nelson, aka Coach Jimmy, has been a high-performance business coach for over a decade. Jimmy’s unique skill is helping his clients to seamlessly connect their personal stories to their product or service, creating a strong “know, like, and trust factor.” Using his 20+ years of experience as a stage and film performer, he crafted his own personal story to create a 7-figure business and now dedicates his life to helping professionals craft their own stories to attract and impact the lives of their ideal audiences. Coach Jimmy truly believes everyone has a 7-figure story if it’s Well-Crafted!    


Tell A Story, Change the World” can be found at StoryWellCrafted.com. 


We’ll Explore 

  • Change our story to change our life. “Stop waiting for people to put you on their stages and make your own stage.”  
  • Clarity of your message increases with a few well crafted, well rehearsed stories fitted for a specific audience. 
  • The Comparison Trap and Your Unique Story 
  • Your difference is your authenticity 
  • Be willing to get the “No’s” by being yourself 
  • The Pandemic Communication Opportunity:  Use technology and small screen for intimacy with the audience. 
  • The story you are hiding right now is your powerful story. 
  • How to find your own story 
  • That practice, practice, practice is the path to speaking excellence. 


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