317 Speaker and Intimacy Healer Reveals The Power of Story-Kimberly Pendleton

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Unleashing our story unleashes our life. 


We often hold on to our story, wounds, and trauma to keep others from hurting for us—especially our family. Taking power over our story and giving access to your story gives people permission to tell their stories. 


Intimacy, the full sharing of our full self, is closely tied with story. Kimberly Rose Pendelton has experienced the freedom of fully telling her story and helping other women find freedom and truth in their own stories. Her drop in with Tricia Brouk reveals ways all of us can find healing by owning and rewriting our personal narrative. 


Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD is a high performance intimacy and leadership coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to lead with love. Pendleton helps powerful leaders heal their intimacy wounds so that they can show up in their relationships and businesses at their highest level. Pendleton’s expertise comes from her training as a PhD at George Washington University, after receiving her Masters degree from Yale. Kimberly is a certified coach and published researcher. Her company, UNCOVER by Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD is a multi six figure business that has helped hundreds of clients heal their relationship and intimacy wounds so that they can experience incredible success, deep love, and powerful presence. 


We’ll Explore 

  • The certainty of people identifying with pieces of our story and the freedom we should feel to share our stories. 
  • Once we have freedom to share our story, we need to prove a place for others to share their stories also. Share first—it makes it safer for others. 
  • Becoming fluent in the language of our own story. The steps include sharing, modeling, and self trust. 
  • Linking self-trust to our storytelling. 
  • How fear of what other people thing, especially our families, keep us from moving forward with and in our story. 
  • Choosing to share our deep moments come from intentional editing, reclaiming, and narrating pain from the past. This is the path of taking the pen of our lives back in our own hand. 


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Website: https://www.kimberlyrosependleton.com/ 

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/coachwithkim 



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