345 Virtual Showcase with Bret Shuford

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Show Summary: 

Today’s show is another in a series of bonus episodes each featuring one of the compelling talks given by my participants in The Big Talk Academy as a part of our Virtual Showcase. This showcase is the culmination of their hard work as they cross the finish line to becoming certified speakers. 

These episodes give you a peek behind the curtain to witness the amazing Big Talks presented, and also give you exclusive access to my live feedback and direction I give to each speaker immediately following their performances.

This week’s episode features Bret Shuford and his talk, Radical Authenticity: The Freedom in Telling Your Truth.

Bret is the founder of BroadwayLife Entertainment, an entertainment lifestyle brand designed for theatre lovers and professionals to live their best lives. Under the BroadwayLife brand, Bret has built the lifestyle blog Broadway Husbands, theatre-themed merchandise Broadway Life Apparel, and continues to offer consulting and coaching services as the Broadway Life Coach.

In his poised and profound Big Talk, Bret discusses the idea of radical authenticity and the absolute freedom in telling your truth. He opens up about his search for authenticity in his own life and how this quest truly tests even the strongest among us.

It takes bravery to be authentic. However, if we aren’t willing to push through the discomfort, we’ll never be able to grow.

In this talk, he explores:

  • His experience growing up as a gay, aspiring actor in a small town in Texas
  • The denial that defined his family life and early experiences 
  • Learning about authenticity through being on stage
  • Coming out and coming to terms with your true, authentic self 
  • Pioneering your happiness and your authentic path

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