330 Fear & Stage Fright

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Show Summary

I’m super excited about today’s episode because this week on The Big Talk, we’re talking about two things that all speakers have in common: fear and stage fright. In fact, anyone who has ever taken a stage in any capacity — as a speaker, a dancer, an actor, a singer — has experienced these sensations. They are natural.

However, fear and stage fright can have overwhelming power if you allow them to. They can prevent you from being yourself. They can even stop you from getting onto those big stages and from telling your story for impact.

And the best way to take back your power over fear and stage fright is to unpack them and dig in — which is exactly what we’re doing together today.

You’re going to walk away from this episode with greater confidence in how to take the big stages you’re meant for, resolve for why you’re taking them, and knowing what you can do when your fear begins to creep its way back in. Because while you may be by yourself on a stage, at The Big Talk, you are never alone in your speaking journey. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • My background as a dancer and my own experience with stage fright
  • Reframing your negative what-if fears for positive what-ifs instead
  • How to co-exist with fear and why it’s actually a good thing
  • A simple way to immediately change up a stagnant talk
  • Who and what your talk is really about
  • Giving yourself permission to be creative, to think clearly, and to ask for what you want

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