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Show Summary

In today’s episode, I’m diving deep into the sensitive issue of feedback. Feedback can be difficult to receive at times. However, as a speaker, it is crucial for growth and impact. 

The key is to get really specific when it comes to your feedback. You have to know how to ask for it, how to give it, and also, how to receive it in return. 

I’m sharing examples of feedback I’ve personally received and uncovering how when you learn to ask for the right kind of feedback, receiving it becomes so much easier and truly helpful.

The more visible you become as a thought-leader or speaker, the more thoughts and feedback you’re naturally going to receive. And it becomes increasingly vital to ask for what you want and to learn how to receive what you get.

My sincere hope is that this episode will inspire you, provide you with tangible tools, and show you a new way to receive the feedback you need as you use your voice powerfully in this world.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Unsolicited and non-constructive feedback and how to turn them around
  • A dangerous mistake many speakers make before their Big Talk and how to avoid this
  • Specific examples of questions to ask months, weeks, and days out from your Big Talk 
  • Making meaningful adjustments from constructive feedback
  • The value of working out your talk in front of a live audience 
  • Being relatable, credible, and vulnerable as a speaker
  • Giving positive, useful feedback to other speakers

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