338 How To Hook An Audience

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Show Summary: 

This week on The Big Talk, we’re starting at the beginning and talking all about the hook, the phenomenal way in which you pull an audience in.

Now, sometimes you’ll be gifted with the perfect hook — like the time I spoke at James and Emily William’s first I Heart My Life Live event. Let’s just say the introduction I got definitely piqued the audience’s interest. (You’ll have to tune in for the amazing details.)

However, normally it’s up to you to deliver the hook and captivate the people you’re speaking to. And today we’re unveiling how you do just that.

When you take a stage you have mere seconds to draw your audience in before their minds begin to wander or their interest wanes. That’s why this topic is so crucial and I’m beyond excited to be sharing my best secrets for perfecting your hook now, so your Big Talk can have the impact you desire. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The BEST introduction I have ever been given thanks to my coach, James Williams
  • Why a hook matters so deeply
  • My six proven ways to hook your audience immediately
  • Examples of each way and how you can use them in your talk
  • Expanding your creativity when it comes to public speaking

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