324 How to Write Your Story and Find Your Community – Kent Sanders

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Show Summary: 

Today’s show features a phenomenal guest, Kent Sanders. He is a fellow creative who has firmly established himself in the world of writing. 

Kent’s the founder of Inkwell Ghostwriting — a company that helps leaders grow their business through books and other content. He is also a professor and the author of The Artist’s Suitcase: 26 Essentials for the Creative Journey.

Kent and I begin our chat with the quintessential first love of all writers — a good backstory. We bond over our mutual experience of growing up in small towns in Missouri and reflect on how that has shaped us as people. 

Kent also shares how the profound sense of community so many of us crave when imagining small town life is something he is diligently working to build for his virtual community of writers. And, as we know in The Big Talk community, you don’t have to be in a single town or place to find a deeply supportive group of your people.

Beyond values and community, Kent pulls back the curtain for us on the art of telling a powerful story, and on getting out of your own way to use your voice and tell yours.

Whether you’re preparing to speak to thousands of people from a stage or you’re finally ready to put pen to paper and write your book, the world needs your story and I know this conversation with Kent is going to inspire you to tell it courageously. You just have to start.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Kent’s creative journey and what led him to writing
  • Growing up in a small town and the effect of small town values
  • The importance of community and finding your people
  • The creativity that emerges when you’re fully supported
  • Seeking out your purpose and mustering the courage to step into that mission
  • The process of writing and self-publishing a book 
  • Being unique and sharing your gifts with the world
  • Kent’s current favorite book, speaker & podcast: Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic & Donald Miller’s StoryBrand

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