320 Living Vulnerably and Wholly On and Off Stage – Marie Elizabeth Mali

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Show Summary

Today’s show features an incredible guest, Marie-Elizabeth Mali. She is a Relationship Alchemist, a published poet with an MFA from Sarah Lawrence, and an underwater photographer with a bit of a thing for sharks. 

While Marie-Elizabeth grew up in New York, she was raised in three different cultures — American, Venezuelan, and Swedish — speaking three languages, and feeling like an outsider in all of them. 

Now, as a Relationship Alchemist, Marie-Elizabeth helps people deepen love and connection in their relationships. Drawing on her Master’s in Chinese Medicine, her experience in being raised between three cultures, and 30 years of personal development work, Marie-Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to being your full, authentic self in a relationship. 

If you’re ready to dive deep into uncovering your true self and learning how to live wholly as that person — on and off of the stage — you’re going to love this conversation. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How growing up with multiple languages and cultures allowed Marie-Elizabeth to learn how to connect in many different ways, and also left her feeling dislocated.
  • Overcoming the tendency and inclination to blend in and disappear.
  • Integrating and alchemising all of the pieces of yourself to construct your true self.
  • Calibrating yourself for various situations — on and off stage — without abdicating your authentic self.
  • Sharing your vulnerability and doing continual self-exploration.
  • The importance of getting clarity on your values.
  • Exploring your ongoing relationship to your voice.
  • Giving yourself the permission and courage to trust your voice and know it matters.
  • Respectfully being with one another even when we disagree.

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YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/MarieElizabethMali 

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