332 Your Chance for Gratitude and Happiness Now with Niyc Pidgeon

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Show Summary

Today’s show features an incredible guest, Niyc Pidgeon. As a leading motivational speaker, award-winning author, business coach and positive psychologist, Niyc is obsessed with empowering women to create more joy, personal power, and Unstoppable Success within themselves and their businesses. 

She has helped other women make more than $19 million, and is fascinated by the exploration of what it is that commonly stops people – and what it really takes to become Unstoppable.

Niyc and I begin our conversation as I like to start all of my guest’s interviews — with her foundational backstory. After a heartbreaking experience with bullying and a suicide attempt at a really young age, her life was forever changed when her father remortgaged their home to send Niyc to a private school.

This new environment changed the course of her life and was pivotal in opening her eyes to what was possible in the world and what success could look like. 

Throughout all of her various obstacles and tumultuous experiences, Niyc shared how these trying times actually allowed her to lean in more powerfully to who she’s chosen to become and the things she’s chosen to heal from. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How being vulnerable for impact requires true healing first 
  • Dropping into gratitude and having a choice in challenging situations
  • Sharing your story from a place of service to impact and even save lives
  • Taking small daily actions to achieve massive results
  • Pivotable moments and learning to listen to yourself
  • Finding happiness right now and savoring the journey
  • Developing a gratitude practice 
  • Niyc’s current favorites — Book: Children of Morrow, Speaker: Brendon Burchard, and Podcast: The Unstoppable Success Podcast

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