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318 Opening Up My Life

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Show Summary

In this first episode of 2021, I am breathing new life into The Big Talk podcast. This year, we’re going deeper for even greater impact. Beyond the big stages you are taking, everything you do has the power to influence, and even save, a life.

Today, I’m sharing what I learned in 2020 and what I’m carrying with me into 2021.

We’ll start our journey in March of last year — a month none of us will soon forget. I was in the midst of preparing for a live speaker event in New York City, soon to be the epicenter of COVID-19. And when Broadway shut down on March 12th, I knew I had some intense decisions to make. 

The one thing I knew for certain was that my ego could not be a factor.

My sole goal became how to get these powerfully important big talks out into the world — a world that desperately needed them — while setting everyone’s health and safety as the highest priority. And while my speakers weren’t able to share their stories with the audience of 150 people in New York as we had planned, they were able to share them virtually across 150 countries.

Talk about global impact. 

2020 was undoubtedly one of the hardest years we’ve collectively experienced and losses were immense. However, what we gained and what we can carry with us are possibility, hope, innovation, resilience and so much more.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How chaos, uncertainty and challenge make space for creativity and outside of the box thinking
  • My journey of stepping fully into leading my community and opening the door to hope when we all needed it most
  • How coming together gives us the strength to deal with adversity and the ability to move through difficult times
  • The way 2020 simultaneously challenged me and allowed me to share my content in new, game-changing ways through my new YouTube channel and my first book, The Influential Voice
  • How I shifted from teaching people to become powerful speakers to also sharing how to be compassionate, mindful communicators
  • Removing fear, staying open, and speaking your truth for serious impact
  • Practicing self-care and bringing life back into your world even in the midst of mourning and loss
  • The importance of sharing your voice and your own resilient story each and every day to leave your lasting legacy — it’s always about progress, not perfection

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