342 Why I Believe In Memorization

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Show Summary: 

Today on The Big Talk, I’m sharing with you exactly why I believe in memorization. 

Many speakers begin their journey working with me adamantly opposed to memorizing their talks. They don’t want to sound like a robot. They want the freedom to say what comes to them. They want to channel and be in the moment. And if this method works for you, amazing. I’m always here rooting you on!

And I am also a fan of memorization. As a lifelong performer, it has served me and many of my fellow actors, dancers, and speakers very well. And I believe it can serve you, too.

Not only that, I believe it can allow you to speak with more freedom and be more in the moment than ever before. 

When you move past the threshold of being memorized into the place where the material is part of your DNA, you’re not robotic. You’re not preventing yourself from having an experience that is in real-time. You’re literally free to play.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • My experience with memorization as a dancer and choreographer 
  • The freedom in memorizing your talk
  • How to begin practicing memorization and the importance of being honest with yourself during the process
  • Why you can’t wait until the last minute to memorize
  • Techniques to use after you’re memorized to further perfect your talk
  • Why memorization matters when you get in front of an audience

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