397 The Power of Transformative Purpose with Alejandra Deluca

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Show Summary: 

This week, we’re talking about finding your purpose and embracing that purpose to heal and to transform the lives of others.

 For this amazing conversation, I’m joined by the equally amazing Alejandra Deluca. 

 As a speaker, thought leader, Pranic Healing senior instructor, meditation guide, healer, and student of shamanic studies and Native American cultures, Alejandra sees the interconnectedness of the Universe in all she does. She believes that finding and living your purpose in life is the secret to true happiness. She also believes that once you have found this purpose, it is your obligation to share this vibration with others, raising all up to a state of well-being and peace. 

Even as a young child, Alejandra always knew she wanted to help and serve other people. She also was heavily influenced by the healing and meditation teachings of her grandmother, a spiritual teacher of high degree.

She has since found her purpose and has defined her mission:

“To share the knowledge, wisdom, and gifts that have been bestowed upon me with the world – one soul at a time. To help you find peace, love, and joy in your heart, and go from good to greater, holding space for you to craft your heart, and yourself so that you can live a more fulfilling life.”

Alejandra has transformed so many lives using the power of her own voice, and I know this conversation will inspire you to use your voice and your purpose in transformative ways as well. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The many, varied experiences that led her to where she is today
  • The deep need to find your purpose and your path in life
  • Her powerful combination of tapping into her intuitive voice and using her external voice for transformation
  • The importance of following your own intuitive voice and how to hear it
  • Alejandra’s current favorites — Books: The Fifth Mountain, Who Moved My Cheese, and The Power of Now, Speaker: Tony Robbins, and Podcast: Luke Storey

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