383 Leadership and Vulnerability from the Hamilton Stage

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Show Summary: 

This week on The Big Talk, I am sharing an incredible conversation with my dear friend Antuan Magic Raimone.

Together, we are talking about leadership, vulnerability, and a true favorite of theatre lovers around the world, Hamilton.

Magic is a New York City-based TEDx speaker, performer, and advocate. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, he is using his voice to help those who have not found their own. He is a member of the Office of Victim Services Advisory Council and has given keynotes at the University of Virginia and the SPECTRUM Conference in Albany, NY, as well as the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).

With more than 20 years of professional performance experience, he is currently with the Pulitzer Prize and 11x Tony Award-winning Hamilton as a Universal Swing, covering the six male ensemble members for the five U.S. companies. Additional credits include the 4x Tony Award-winning In the Heights (Broadway, Off-Broadway, and First National Tour—Graffiti Pete U/S, Associate D/C, and Vacation Swing) and six years with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (Ensemble). Becoming Magic is Antuan’s debut as an author.

We start with Magic’s backstory and how seeking therapy for the childhood sexual abuse he experienced actually brought him to becoming a speaker. He truly wanted to help the center that helped him, and without any financial means to do so, he volunteered to speak — to use his voice to assist others in getting help, too.

And the power of Magic’s influential voice has only grown since then!

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Magic’s first invitation to a TEDx stage and what he felt in that moment
  • How he landed his role in Hamilton, what it was like when the pandemic left theatres dark, and what’s its like now to be back in rehearsals
  • Designing and curating the life that you desire and making space for what is meant for you
  • What it’s like to work in a space that’s intentional and purposefully offering support for you as whole, vulnerable people
  • How you can learn to love yourself and become magic in your own life
  • Magic’s current favorites — Book: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, Speakers: Brené Brown and Dax Shepard, and Podcasts: Armchair Expert and The Laverne Cox Show

More from Magic

His book, Becoming Magic: A Path of Personal Reconstruction

His TEDx Lincoln Square Talk, Soldier of Love: My Survivor Journey

Website: www.thesoldieroflove.us (When you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive FREE access to the first chapter of Magic’s book.)

Instagram: @antuanmagicraimone

Twitter: @antuanraimone and @magicantuan

FB: Antuan Magic Raimone

LinkedIn: Antuan Raimone

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