391 Creating a Platform for Voices with Doug DeLuca

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Show Summary: 

On this episode of The Big Talk podcast, we’re talking about not only being an influential voice, we’re also talking about what it’s like to produce and manage other influential voices. And we’re getting into what it looks like to make space for others to truly be seen and heard.

For this conversation, I’m joined by the incredible and accomplished Doug Deluca. 

Doug is a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Co-Executive Producer, a passionate Italian, an artist, musician, speaker, philanthropist, and online entertainment wiz with 7 Emmy nominations. 

Prior to his amazing career, Doug grew up just outside of New York City in Union, NJ, where he got his public speaking and leadership start in state student council — proving that you are never too young to be an influential voice.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

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