399 Speaking with Courage and Humility with Dr. Kristen Donnelly

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Show Summary: 

Today, we’re talking about empathy, privilege, systems, and the courage it takes to use your voice when you have something truly important to say. For this crucial conversation, I’m once again being joined by an incredible speaker and my dear friend Dr. Kristen Donnelly. 

 Kristen is passionate about stories and how they shape us. She’s been researching, learning, and telling them for over twenty years as she’s traveled the world. Kristen holds a masters degree in international social work and one in cross-cultural religious anthropology. She also has a PhD in sociology from Queen’s University Belfast.

Throughout all of those programs, she learned three key things about humanity: it’s the same everywhere; different people are different; and everyone is more complicated than we give them credit for. Professionally, she’s one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research and COO of Abbey Companies. She lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, where they are surrounded by video game consoles and piles of books.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Her unique family experience growing up and how it played into who she is now
  • The systems that are deeply embedded in our society and our world
  • Approaching things from a place of authenticity, humility, and curiosity 
  • How your voice continues to evolve, learning to take constructive criticism, and being gentle with your former self
  • Kristen’s current favorites — Book: A Time to Kill, Speakers: Rob Bell & Brené Brown, and Podcast: Sinisterhood


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Her first appearances on The Big Talk podcast in Episode 150 and Episode 335.

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