395 Creating Visibility With Your Story with Jane Tabachnick

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Show Summary: 

This week on The Big Talk podcast, we’re talking all about the power of using your story to create visibility and to amplify your voice.

For this episode, I’m joined by the amazing and always fashionable, Jane Tabachnick

Jane is an award-winning digital public relations and marketing strategist and mentor. She is a former fashion designer. And she is also the founder of Simply Good Press, a book publishing firm. She brings 15 years of experience working with changemakers to help them create greater visibility and buzz which helps them easily attract and close more of their ideal customers.

We start our conversation diving into Jane’s backstory as a self-proclaimed recovering fashion designer. She loved the world of fashion design. And she also realized that a part of her role as the designer and business owner was to pitch the story of her designs and run PR for her design house. The clothes told their own visual story, and the media wanted a story told to them with words that they could share with their audience.

Eventually, Jane discovered that she loved storytelling more than fashion. And since leaving the fashion business, she has begun helping other entrepreneurs and brands tell their stories more successfully.

In this episode, we’ll explore: