363 Facing Failure and Finding Confidence with Lisa Carmen Wang

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Show Summary: 

The Big Talk Podcast today is all about facing failure, finding confidence, and fully embracing your power in this world. For this interview, I am so excited to be joined by former Olympic-Level, USA National Champion & Hall of Fame Gymnast turned Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Writer, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, & Unapologetic Feminist, Lisa Carmen Wang.

Lisa is the host of The Confident Investor Podcast and Enoughness Podcast. Her last company, SheWorx, was acquired in 2019. Lisa was honored as Forbes 30 under 30, Red Bull Hero of The Year, & Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

As an elite gymnast from a young age, Lisa learned early what it was like to fall down in front of a big audience. And more importantly, she learned how to always get back up and keep going. This perseverance has continued to drive her forward now as an entrepreneur, an investor, a writer, a speaker, and a human. 

At the age of 19, Lisa was slated for the 2008 Olympic gymnastics team — her lifelong dream at that point — when she missed the cut by a mere 0.25 of a point, which is the equivalent of one pinky toe’s difference. 

However, she was able to take this public failure and reframe the experience as an opportunity and a blessing because it taught her how to break herself down and, more importantly, how to pick herself back up and turn into something stronger.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Lisa’s experience as a gymnast as well as her life after gymnastics and her career as a serial entrepreneur 
  • Her passion for empowering women to gain financial literacy and how she has turned that into an amazing business and movement 
  • Overcoming the challenge of finding confidence in your voice and confidence in what you have to say
  • Her beliefs in empathy, collaboration, and powerful women running the world
  • The definition, prevalence, and danger of good girl brainwashing 
  • Lisa’s current favorites — Book: Psycho-Cybernetics, Speaker: Amanda Gorman, and Podcast: Robinhood Snacks


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