402 The Best of Journey to The Stage Season 5

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Show Summary: 

This week, I’m so excited to be sharing a different kind of episode with you here on The Big Talk. 

Today, you’ll be hearing the best of my Journey to the Stage episodes from Season 5, when I took three speakers on the journey of identifying, crafting, and delivering their big talks.

We’ll explore everything from brainstorming and qualifying ideas to openings and closings to actual feedback from me on their big talk delivery.

I know you’re going to gain so much from listening in on the journey of these speakers, and if you’re interested in going even deeper into the process, you will be able to find each episode from this series linked in the show notes. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why every idea is a good idea
  • The difference between an idea and an issue
  • How to qualify your ideas and choose one for your big talk
  • Developing a blueprint for your talk
  • Why the process of creating your big talk is adjustable for you

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