359 Stepping Into Your Powerful Presence with Dr. Wayne Pernell

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Show Summary: 

Today’s podcast is all about finding your voice, claiming your mindset, and becoming a powerful presence in the world to make an impact.  For this interview, I am joined by #1 Best-Selling Author, Highly Sought Speaker, and Elite High-Performance Executive Coach, Dr. Wayne Pernell. 

Wayne has spent the last three and a half decades bringing leaders on a breakthrough journey to their next level of having more and being more. He is known as “The Leaders’ Leader” for good reason.

As a child, Wayne felt like the opposite of a powerful force in the world. He was scrawny and had asthma. However, the man I am talking to today couldn’t be any more different from the young boy painted in this picture.

After years of exploration and growth in fields ranging from hypnotherapy to martial arts to psychology to business, Wayne has found his voice in a big way and is now on a mission to empower others to do the same.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Serving others in a way that allows them to serve in return
  • The importance of embracing your unique point of view and being clear on yourself and your message before you share
  • The necessity of messy growth to own your choices, your voice, and your life
  • Being deliberate, active, and positive 
  • Dealing with those who don’t like you or disagree with you
  • Wayne’s current favorites — Books: Choosing Your Power and Your Erroneous Zones, Speakers: Richard Feynman and Jordan B. Peterson, and Podcast: The Successful Mind

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