365 Your Performance on Stage – Part 4

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Show Summary: 

This episode of The Big Talk is Part 4 in our series based around David Mamet’s book True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor. I studied this technique as an actor in New York City and love using it when directing both actors and speakers now. 

This method is really focused on being present and in the moment when you take a stage. It’s not about calling into the room past emotions and experiences. It relies on you understanding the words you are saying and then allowing those words to do their job. 

The chapter we’re diving into today is called “Auditions,” and I chose this section of the book because I think it highlights some fantastic ways for you to start thinking differently about your TED auditions and your TEDx applications — a process most of my speakers walk at some point in their careers.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why event organizers often hire experienced speakers and why I approach selecting my speakers differently 
  • The importance of practicing the audition process and the value of visualization
  • How to view an audition as a gift and change how you show up
  • Getting out of your own way and moving past impostor syndrome 
  • Your experience vs. the audience’s experience 
  • Being in charge of your own destiny and the stages that you take


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