369 Your Performance on Stage – Part 5

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Show Summary: 

This week on The Big Talk, we’re in Part 5 of our five-part series based around David Mamet’s book True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor. I have absolutely loved sharing this book with you, and I’m so excited to be wrapping up this series today.

As you know if you’ve been tuning in, I studied David Mamet’s method as an actor here in New York City and rely on it heavily in directing my actors and speakers now. 

I love this book and this technique because the author is direct, unapologetic, and extremely specific in how and why this method works and is the best option for those taking a stage.

Today’s chapter is on the rehearsal process. I truly believe rehearsal and memorization are the way to go as a public speaker, and this week you’re definitely going to see why.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The two things that should happen in the rehearsal process
  • Identifying and accomplishing your objective when you take the stage
  • How practicing objective and action combats stage fright and helps you stay in the moment during your talk
  • The difference between going after your objective and the emotional manipulation of your audience
  • Why the greatest performances are seldom noticed


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