Episode 580 A look inside the pivotal moments that shaped my journey

580 – A Look Inside the Pivotal Moments That Shaped My Journey

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Show Summary:

This episode came from a question I recently posted in our private Facebook group for speakers of The Big Talk, asking them what they would like me to share in upcoming solo podcasts. I received so many thoughtful questions that I’m excited to cover in the coming weeks! 

This particular request was from Jenny Lincoln, who is a community member, an alum of The Big Talk Academy, a former participant in The Big Talk Live, and a super amazing 1:1 client. 

She asked me to talk about the greatest moments in my life and career and how I embodied them further. She also asked about my toughest challenges and how I learned from them. So today, I’m talking about both!

In this episode, I explore:

  • The five most pivotal moments in my journey, including what it was like moving to New York City at 20 to pursue dance
  • The reason my greatest moments and toughest challenges, both personally and professionally, are all linked
  • How I embodied success and said ‘yes’ to opportunities 
  • Why I practice radical self-forgiveness and the way you can do the same

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