Episode 600 A Special 600th Edition of The Big Talk

600 A Special 600th Edition of The Big Talk

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Show Summary:

I’m super excited that this episode is the 600th one of The Big Talk Podcast! Because of that, I have a very special show planned for you.

Over the last 600 episodes, I have had the opportunity to host many amazing conversations with game-changing thought leaders and speakers. I’ve also recorded hundreds of solocasts for you, where I share my journey along with the insights and tools you need to take big stages.

Today, you’re going to hear some of my best moments over the course of The Big Talk Podcast.

In this episode, we’ll look back at:

  • Some of the earliest episodes of The Big Talk, all the way back to 2016 when the show began
  • Amazing conversations with guests like Stedman Graham, Saje Dyer & Serena Dyer Pisoni, and Danielle LaPorte
  • My confessions as a high performer and pivotal moments in my journey
  • Talks from powerful speakers who have become the go-to thought leaders in their industries

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