Episode 571 How to Be the Leader People Want to Follow with Dr. Jen Walter

571 How to Be the Leader People Want to Follow With Dr. Jen Welter

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Show Summary:

I am super excited to introduce you to today’s guest, who is a true powerhouse and influential voice! 

Dr. Jen Welter is a successful entrepreneur, author, in-demand keynote speaker, and NFL football coach. As the first female coach in NFL history, she serves as an amazing role model and an inspiring reminder that barriers are meant to be broken. 

With a career studded with a number of firsts, Dr. Welter made history when she coached the Arizona Cardinals’ inside linebackers for their 2015 training camp. She was also the first woman to play running back in a men’s professional football season with the Texas Revolution. 

Her book, “Play Big,” reveals the grit and determination that it took to be a trailblazer in one of the country’s toughest boys’ clubs. Today, she continues to trailblaze with her Grrridiron Girls football camps — the largest and longest-running football camps for girls. She also recently partnered with Barbie for their 2023 Women In Sports collection.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The early opposition she faced as a girl wanting to play football and how she persisted in pursuing her passion
  • Breaking stereotypes and shifting cultural perceptions about what women can achieve 
  • The importance of being present and consistent as a leader
  • Her partnership with Barbie and her work with the Grrridiron Girls

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