Episode 576 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching - #14

576 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #14

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Show Summary:

Today, I’m super excited to once again take you behind the scenes of The Art of The Big Talk, my live virtual masterclass.

During these two days, I support hundreds of speakers who dream of taking big stages and having global impact. This masterclass gives them step-by-step support to take action on that dream.

One thing that happens during this masterclass is 1:1 hot seat coaching with me, and that’s what you’ll be hearing in this episode. 

In these hot seats, we explore:

  • How to visualize and attract what you desire
  • The importance of being specific in what you are talking about
  • Changing your life and sharing your powerful message at any age
  • Unpacking your story and connecting it to your big idea

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