Episode 585 Still I Rise with Kristen Szabla, PhD

585 Still, I Rise with Dr. Kristen Szabla, PhD (Speaker Salon Showcase)

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Show Summary:

Today, I’m super excited to share a big talk from my 2023 Speaker Salon Showcase. This talk was given by the amazing Dr. Kristen Szabla, Ph.D. 

Kristen has over a decade of experience as a neuroscientist specializing in the neural circuitry mediating fear and depression. 

As a survivor of incest and commercial sexual exploitation at an early age, Kristen is unable to remember a time in her young life when fear and suicidal ideation were not continuously present. However, she found the courage to face her painful past and is thriving.

Kristen is an empathic and passionate leader who is driven to fulfill her mission of transforming pain into power by providing data-driven and evidence-based content that redefines and amplifies the conversation surrounding the horror of sexual trauma and its destructive effects on mental health.

I’m so honored to feature her deeply powerful and personal talk, “Still, I Rise.” 

In this talk, she explores:

  • The deep impact of shame and why it hijacks our brains
  • The reason trauma can create shame and cycles of depression
  • Her personal experience with trauma and human trafficking and its aftermath
  • The transformative power of self-compassion

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