Episode 596 Unlocking Your Peak Potential with Leonaura Rhodes

596 Unlocking Your Peak Potential with Dr. Leonaura Rhodes

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Show Summary:

Today, I’m introducing you to the incredible Dr. Leonaura Rhodes.

Dr. Rhodes is on a mission to help people increase their happiness, health, and abundance. She has a diverse background that encompasses practicing medicine, delivering motivational speeches, coaching high-performing executives and professionals, facilitating corporate training programs, neurotherapy, writing books, and creating courses. 

She is also a graduate of The Big Talk Academy, and I’m super excited to welcome her to the podcast. I know you’ll learn so much from her and this amazing conversation.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How she went from being a physician in the UK to working with Tony Robbins
  • The power of her unique coaching style that combines traditional coaching with brain health and mental fitness coaching
  • Why the BBC reached out to her after she gave her Big Talk at the BTA Virtual Showcase
  • The launch of her new coaching app that helps ambitious, high-performing individuals design a life they love
  • Her current favorites: Book: The Art of Happiness, Speakers: Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins, and Podcast: Huberman Lab

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