Episode 589 Your Questions Answered

589 Your Questions Answered

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Show Summary:

In this episode, I’m super excited to answer more questions from The Big Talk community. 

We have a private, complimentary Facebook group for speakers who have gone through our programs. A couple of months ago, I asked those in it, “What questions do you have for me that you’d like me to address on the podcast?”

I’ve already recorded a couple of episodes where I answer one, and today, I’m answering several more for you! I hope these answers inspire you and help you on your speaking journey.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Evolving your talk from a collection of sentences to an impactful, honest story
  • The advocacy inherent in the speakers that work with The Big Talk and how to embody your voice to serve others
  • My personal journey from a dancer to a leader
  • How the challenges I’ve faced have shaped my ability to support and uplift others

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