242 The Power of Sharing Your Stories – Alexis Fuentes

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The Power of Sharing Your Stories – Alexis Fuentes


One of the hallmarks of a great speaker is the ability to share your true self from the stage. Today’s guest shares her approach to authentic speaking that includes sharing a faith-based message that connects to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Alexis Fuentes is a motivational storyteller rooted in Catholic spirituality. Her work is designed to enliven and nourish that spark of faith that gets people moving. She is all about saying “yes” and doing more, and hopes that her stories will help you do the same.

We’ll explore:

  • A bit about Alexis’ speaking platform so far.
  • Alexis’ ability to massage her message for non-religious settings.
  • What she learned from the process of Speakers Who Dare.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with excellent people.
  • What was most surprising about doing Speakers Who Dare.
  • How speaking has impacted her personally and professionally.
  • Tips for increasing your effectiveness as a speaker.

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