Episode 233 The Art of Invisible Influence with Jazz Biancci

233 The Art of Invisible Influence – Jazz Biancci

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Connection, Influence, Audience, Energy, Channeling

The Art of Invisible Influence – Jazz Biancci 


Most speakers come to the stage having rehearsed from a script. However, today’s guest reveals her unique process for preparing for a talk and influencing the audience in an “invisible” way.

Jazz Biancci CAPP, is the founder of Spiraling into Genius. As an author, speaker, and channel, Jazz has spent the last five years helping Emmy-Award winning producers and thought leaders transform their connections to self and others through Invisible Influence. A former ghostwriter for Simon and Schuster, Jazz has been a speaker at the Fit, Feminine & Fierce Conference, Soul Clarity & Abundance Live, Speakers Salon and Speakers Who Dare.

We’ll explore:

  • Jazz’s unique form of presentation, which involves channeling energy.
  • The importance of connection in the speaking process.
  • What Jazz learned about herself during the “Speakers Who Dare” process.
  • Why it’s OK not to take things so seriously.
  • Jazz’s preparation process for speaking.
  • How she communicates what she does to event organizers.
  • The importance of taking risk in your preparation.
  • Tips for anyone who wants to do a big talk.

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