246 Living in the Moment – Kristina Hallett

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Living in the Moment – Kristina Hallett


You can prepare for a big talk, but what happens when the unexpected happens or you go “off book”? Today’s guest shares how she maintains a tension between preparation and living in the moment when speaking. You’ll learn how these strategies apply to your speaking as well as your life and business.

Dr. Kristina Hallett is a board-certified clinical psychologist, executive coach, and speaker who specializes in harnessing the positive power of stress, self-compassion, and radical self-care. She helps professionals develop skills to make stress work to their advantage to increase productivity and well-being through changes in mindset, perspective, and everyday practices.

We’ll explore:

  • A bit about Kristina’s speaking platform.
  • Why Kristina’s “Living in the Moment” talk at Speakers Who Dare was such a transformative experience.
  • The importance of breathing and hydrating to improve your speaking.
  • The kind of awareness a speaker needs to be fully present, and the importance of seeing a talk as a conversation.
  • What Kristina learned about herself from the Speakers Who Dare process.
  • What surprised Kristina the most at Speakers Who Dare.
  • How speaking has impacted Kristina personally and professionally.
  • Practical tips for speaking more effectively.

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