232 Investigate Your Passion – Nydia Han

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Investigate Your Passion – Nydia Han


Where do inspiration and passion come from? Today’s guest shares her story of experiencing a “close call” in traffic, and how it prompted her to investigate a passion that she brought to her big talk. Her story will encourage you to begin investigating your passion as well, perhaps in unexpected ways.

Nydia Han is an Emmy-award winning TV news journalist and creator of the documentary series, #ThisIsAmerica, where she invites us to get to know each other’s unique American stories, check our own biases, and act as positive agents of change and unity in our communities. Nydia earned her B.S. in Journalism with a focus on International Studies from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She’s focused her decades-long career in television news on investigative and solutions journalism aimed at protecting consumers and encouraging businesses as well as government agencies to do the right thing.

Nydia serves on the community advisory board for the Asian American Women’s Coalition in Philadelphia, advocates for lung cancer research, mentors aspiring journalists, and is trying really, really hard to teach her two young kids to speak Korean.

We’ll explore:

  • Why Nydia decided to step into the role of “Speakers Who Dare.”
  • A traffic incident that impacted Nydia greatly and gave her the inspiration for her talk.
  • What she learned about herself in taking the stage.
  • Nydia’s advice for sharing your passion through speaking.
  • Nydia’s rehearsal process.
  • The most surprising part of being involved in the Speakers Who Dare event.
  • Three tips for crafting an effective big talk.

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