Episode 244 The Power of Kindness with Rocco Cozza

244 The Power of Kindness – Rocco Cozza

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Kindness, Rehearsal, Community, Business, Relationships

The Power of Kindness – Rocco Cozza


Does business have to be cutthroat? Today’s guest doesn’t think so. He shares why his unique approach to life and business through the power of kindness is impacting lives. You’ll learn how it can impact yours as well.

Rocco is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and business attorney. He has a passion for spreading his message of the power of kindness in business, and hopes to inspire the masses to leave this world a kinder place for his three kids.

We’ll explore:

  • Why Rocco changed his platform topic from entrepreneurship to kindness.
  • The value of treating everyone with kindness, decency, and respect.
  • What Rocco learned about himself through Speakers Who Dare.
  • The most surprising thing about the Speakers Who Dare experience.
  • How speaking has impacted Rocco personally and professionally.
  • Rocco’s advice for speaking more effectively.

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