241 The Message is Bigger Than You – Sarah Nannen

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The Message is Bigger Than You – Sarah Nannen


The most effective speakers realize their message is bigger than them. Today’s guest shares her journey through grief in order to become a “renegade widow” whose bold message is impacting countless lives.

Sarah Nannen is a keynote speaker, life coach, and the author of the best-selling book Grief Unveiled: A Widow’s Guide to Navigating Your Journey in Life After Loss. Sarah became a military widow and solo mom of four young children in 2014 when an aviation accident claimed her husband’s life. Her journey through grief opened her eyes to a renegade way of approaching life and possibility that now informs her work with women breaking through limitation to live extraordinary lives. Her podcast, “Grief Unveiled,” released in 2018, offers up weekly conversations dedicated to real talk and real truth about grief and living.

We’ll explore:

  • A bit about Sarah’s current speaking platform, including her podcast.
  • How Sarah came to embrace her identity as a speaker.
  • The way Speakers Who Dare has impacted Sarah on multiple levels.
  • Why being a “renegade widow” is so daring.
  • The importance of having a professional on your side, and making plenty of time for rehearsal.
  • What Sarah learned about herself in the process of Speakers Who Dare.
  • The most surprising part of Speakers Who Dare.
  • How speaking has impacted Sarah personally and professionally.
  • Sarah’s tips for becoming an effective speaker.

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