245 Bridging the Gap Between Speaking & Leadership – Stephanie Simpson

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Bridging the Gap Between Speaking & Leadership – Stephanie Simpson


How do you influence others as a speaker? Today’s guest reminds us that influence goes far beyond your role as a speaker from the stage. She shares her compelling journey of blending speaking with leadership and coaching in a variety of environments.

Stephanie Simpson is an artist, educator, and coach. Drawing on her background in movement, meditation, and psychology, she guides people to achieve their greatest potential and empowers them to live their lives unapologetically and to the fullest by nurturing the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

We’ll explore:

  • A bit about Stephanie’s speaking platform.
  • The importance of helping people feel engaged in what they are doing.
  • Why Stephanie believes that artists can save the world.
  • The link between creativity and problem-solving.
  • What Stephanie learned about herself through the Speakers Who Dare process.
  • How speaking has impacted Stephanie personally and professionally.
  • What surprised Stephanie about the Speakers Who Dare experience.
  • Tips for becoming a more effective speaker.

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