235 Own the Stage – Theresa Nguyen

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Immigrants, Stories, Stage, Fear, Mindset

Own the Stage – Theresa Nguyen 


Almost every speaker deals with nerves or stage fright. But what if you could develop the confidence and mindset to own the stage? Today’s guest shares her amazing story of learning to lean into her fear and develop greater confidence as a speaker.

Theresa is an Intuitive Coach, certified in Dragon Reiki, Angel Card reading, and channeling. She is the founder of More Time More You, which is focused on aligned purpose. Theresa and her husband, Eddie, are the hosts of the podcast “The Theresa and Eddie Show”, helping to humanize the immigrant and refugee experience.

We’ll explore:

  • Theresa’s passion for sharing the immigrant experience.
  • How Theresa has leaned to face her fear and begun to own the stage.
  • The importance of developing an unshakeable mindset.
  • How the Speakers Who Dare experience impacted Theresa.
  • Her tips for preparing to take the stage.
  • How becoming a speaker has helped Theresa personally and professionally.

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