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290 The Capacity to Pivot Internally – Alexandra Stockwell

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Pivot, Mindset, Change, Speaking, Relationships 


When you need to make a quick pivot, how do you manage that process internally? Today’s guest shares her fascinating journey of making a quick pivot when the Speakers Who Dare event became a livestream. You’ll learn strategies for developing a better mindset and attitude to deal with change effectively. 

Alexandra Stockwell MD is a relationship and intimacy expert who helps children of divorce build beautiful, stable, long lasting relationships. A wife of 24 years and a mother of 4, Alexandra helps couples infuse pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life–from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom. 


We’ll explore:  

  • What made Alexandra want to be a Speaker Who Dares. 
  • The story of an event where Tricia heard Alexandra’s powerful story. 
  • Alexandra’s experience of pivoting her talk from being on stage, to filming while sitting at her dining room table. 
  • How Alexandra is reaching out to her community while staying at home. 
  • What Alexandra has learned about herself during this process. 
  • Behind the scenes of Alexandria’s talk. 


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