293 Find the Beauty in Crisis – Ameena Majid

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Beauty, Impact, Opportunity, Crisis, Influence 


When you face a personal crisis–or even a global one–how do you respond? Do you shrink back or take advantage of the situation to bring positive change to the world? Today’s guest will inspire you to not only work through the current crisis, but find the beauty in it and leverage it for good. 

By combining her experience with executive compensation and passion for human rights, Ameena helps her clients continually adapt to evolving societal and investor expectations on their businesses. Blending legal, practical and human perspectives, Ameena is an attorney who educates her business clients on the legal landscape of addressing human rights and translating it to policy and practice 


We’ll explore:  

  • Ameena’s reinvention that has led her to create an innovative company and become an advocate for the cause of human trafficking.  
  • Some advice for navigating the current climate. 
  • How Ameena received support from the Speakers Who Dare community. 
  • Some things Ameena learned about herself through the speaking process. 
  • One thing she will do today that is daring. 


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