292 Tell a More Personal Story – Anne Waple

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Authenticity, Openness, Stories, Science, Future 


Are you tempted to hide behind data, statistics, or information as a speaker? Today’s guest is a scientist who shares her powerful story of learning to tell a more personal story. She will inspire you to be more authentic and open as you share your message.  

Helping people do good for the planet and their communities while doing well in their institutions and businesses may be a tall order in our current climate challenge, but that’s what motivates Dr. Anne Waple. As a climate scientist for 25 years – in government, nonprofits, and now private practice – Anne believes passionately that when we just focus on problems, we don’t actually solve them. Driving positive, big, lasting global change starts when we ask questions about the world we want (not just what we want to avoid) and then joining with people making it happen. That’s how we can all co-author Earth’s Next Chapter! 


We’ll explore:  

  • Anne’s story of hiding behind her scientific persona and learning to tell a more personal story. 
  • How Anne’s work has prepared her for what is going on in the world. 
  • The ways Anne is showing up as a speaker who dares. 
  • Anne’s advice for being daring and having a voice. 
  • One thing Anne will do today that is daring. 


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